Tools: Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator

Bachelor's degree project

Aro has been realized during my last year of Interaction design Bachelor's degree. Aro meaning "together" in the language Esperantos is an application dedicated to communities willing to protect their identity and culture.
Today, to protect ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritages), it must be registered on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is not communities but governments that have the power to do so. Governments are required to apply by filling up a form (only available in english and french). However, if the country do not care about ICH, has an unstable political situation or not enough budget to organize anything, nothing will be done.
Aro brings autonomy and power to communities by allowing them to be in charge. Aro becomes the only link between communities and UNESCO by being a simplified and more accessible version of the original UNESCO registration form.