Investigation at the museum

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Principle

Made with:

“Investigation at the museum” is a project made within a team of 6. Three interaction design students, two publishing students and a community manager worked together as part of an interdisciplinary workshop of 3 days. We had to propose a cultural mediation device answering a real issue. After being on site visiting the museum of Nantes and speaking with the staff we identified it: How to create an experience that involves both children adults in a common journey? We invented a scenario that would make the whole family involved and learn about the museum content.
During the night one of the stuffed animals woke up, went down to the room of stones and has stolen a precious stone. The museum calls for the help of children and parents to carry out an investigation throughout the museum. The family is given a connected magnifying glass. The device will guide them during the investigation. Each room contains a hint about the thief. But beware, before getting any hint they first need to answer 3 questions about the content of the room. Once all hints are collected rendez vous to the stuffed animals room to interview all of the suspects.