Hangeul board game
한글 게임

Tools: Wood, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Personal project

Hangeul Game is a personal project made during my foundation year at l’École de design Nantes Atlantique. At the same time I had started to learn Korean.I wanted to make a board game that will introduce the Korean language and its alphabet to young learners.The goal was to help them to understand the functionning of structuration and pronunciation. I found interesting to work with the Korean language as a thematic, also called Hangeul.
I started with researches on Korean alphabet history to get the stories behind its creation and the culture of the country. Doing that I could found connections between the Korean alphabet and poetry / typography. The design had been mainly influenced by the culture it represents. The chips are made of wood and their measurements allows users to put and connect them together. Each letter is painted in different ways and colors depending on their pronunciation and nature. White appearance means it is a vowel and a black one means it is a consonant. The chips-letters are stored in a white fabric pocket, making reference to the traditional pocket monney used in Korea. Finally, I created an illustrated notice written in French and English.