Journey to
the Chengyus

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects

End-of-studies Projects

As part of my Master's degree in Transcultural design, I carried out the project: Journey to the Chengyus. It allowed me to question myself as a French designer, and to realized how the culture within a community can drastically transform its needs.
The development of the project took place along my Transcultural Design Master's Degree in Shanghai CHINA. I made this WeChat mini-program in a context where a large majority of the population no more handwrites. The reliance upon digital technologies exploded and handwriting is no more needed. However, the characters are not only convectors of meaning nor pronunciation, above all, they are also the essence of the Chinese culture. Through interviews, I determined that a portion of the population was bitter seeing their handwriting skills declining but tools proposed to practice were not engaging nor enjoyable enough.
Journey to the Chengyus is using Chengyus (Chinese Idioms) and the Manuscript IME(input method editor) to encourage players to detach themselves of using the Pinyin IME (phonetic based written language) and pre-edit sentences.

Story introduction: 1min42