Ecole de design
de Nantes Atlantique

Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique

I completed my Science and Technology in Design and Applied Arts high school diploma in 2015. Then, I started my college life at l’École de design Atlantique. During my junior year I learned about global design and tried each of the 6 specialties the school offers (Transport design, Graphic design, Interior design, Architecture design, Interaction design and product design). It was an opportunity for me to understand the importance of design in our society and its large spectrum of activities. Following a great working time I had created an app (which involved children user experience) , I specialized in Interaction Design to get my Bachelor’s degree.

Aside from studies, being in this school helped me to get close friends, all scattered in differents Bachelor’s degrees. We support each other either by giving advices or helping in areas we are comfortable. And the best? L’École de design de Nantes Atlantique is based out of the city, allowing us to be in the middle of nature where super cute thriving lambs!