Unesco cultural workcamp

After my first humanitarian experience, I wanted to renew the experiment with a strong will of bonding with other participants to enhance my cultural gain. In summer 2015, I flew to South Korea to participate to an Unesco International workcamp. This worcamp had two purposes. The first was to raise awareness about the national wetland of Muan-gun,a region in the southwest of the Korean Peninsula. The second goal was to create cultural exchanges amongst the 16 participants who came from a wide variety of countries. We lived together in a traditional farm house all through the duration of the workcamp. During the day we would either works in the field with local farmers, with children or visiting places.

This workshop in South Korea had a really impact on me. First I fell in love with the Korean culture, but also got me interested to learn more about this big continent that is Asia. A lot of my projects are talking about south korea or culture in general.

I do believe that to have a proper 360° way of think, you need to broaden your horizon by being curious in every aspect of your life. Meeting new cultures at home or by travelling can bring designers this empathy that will allow them to carry out accurate disruptive ideas.