Other projects

The following previews are taken from diverse projects, produced on my own time or during my school time.
I don't want to be stuck doing projects specific to only one field such as interaction design. Even if it is small projects, I just want to enjoy myself by trying new things and simply having fun!

Vectoriel illustration of a Korean woman dressed in a Hanbok.

Tools Impacts
Photography project to put in perspective the influence of eating tools on the food shapes and appearences.

Coquelicot (Poppy)
Reproduce the fragility of poppies by mixing gold leaves and clay.

3D Model
A rigged 3D model created on the software 3DSmax.

Proposition of a blog focused on modern African's fashion.

Transcultural Patterns
Graphism showcasing similarities between two traditional patterns. Respectively, a Cameroonian pattern on the left and French (West coast) on the right.

Passeport Mask gif
Just having fun playing with colors and a West-African "passport" mask!

The Gold Ornementalist
Documentary to understand in deepth the work of craftsmen such as Jeanne Julien involved in gold ornements.