Pleasant fragrances

Tools: Wood, Chisels

Made with:

Public Art Coordination Center, 陈树典 and 曾家快

During a 3-days workshop organized by the PACC and the Shanghai Fines Art University, I worked in a team of two craftsmen specialized in traditional wood carving. The objective, encouraging the exchange of knowledge between designers and craftsmen by transforming the function of a given stool in order to create something new and different.
The Pleasant Fragrances stool is the result of a contraction between a stool and two common types of incense: the fragrant incense stick and the mosquito repellent. These two kinds are different by their smell and shape yet so similar. Once lit, both bring out a relaxing feeling to its user. One creates an environment made of a sweet and pleasant fragrance, the other one provides protection against insect aggression during late summer nights.